I always loved sport and in particular cricket.


I came from a state that didn’t have a first-class team and no one from my city had ever played cricket for Australia before.


Despite this, from a young age, I dreamed about playing for my country and I was the first to do this.


I was lucky to be blessed with talent and sheer determination to achieve my goals.


I thought these attributes would be all I needed and when I played my first Test for my country my dreams had come true. 

When I learnt it wasn't this simple, I dug deep and discovered the secrets.

Michael Bevan

Whilst I played 18 Tests and 232 ODI’s for Australia my Test career never quite went to plan. For the first half of my professional career I worked hard mainly on improving my skills even at times when my performances were more inconsistent than I would like. I remember being dropped from Australia and spending hours a day working in the nets only to find the next time I was selected the same issues occurred. It was heartbreaking and extremely frustrating.

It was at this time at the age of 27 I learnt the biggest lesson of my career. Scoring runs is just not about having great skills. It finally occurred to me that there might be other aspects to my game and myself I might need to improve to get the performance I wanted. So, I found out what I needed to work on and spent all my time working on my mindset, building confidence, developing great game plans and ensuring I had the right goals in place that would help me perform. After I did this my performance improved by 25%.  

Of course, ODI games were completely different and all the things I didn’t do in Tests I was doing in ODI’s. I walked to the crease in front of 40,000 people in pressure situations feeling comfortable and confident, playing with the right game plans and was completely clear about my goals and what I wanted to achieve. It is amazing how much easier scoring runs is when you focus on the right things!  

This is what has shaped my guiding philosophy as a batting mentor and the reason I am sharing all 20 years of my expertise both good and bad with aspiring batters who want to improve their game. I help you work on the parts of your game that will help you succeed. No guesswork, simple goals and plans for the most important parts of your game that I used throughout my career.     

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"Results indicate what is working or not working; pay attention or pay the consequences."