Frequently asked Questions

Who it The Batting Mentor for?

The Batting Mentor is for any cricketer wishing to learn more about how to improve their batting performance. For players under the age of 15 a parent/guardian is recommended to be involved in watching the live streams.

We recommend a minimum of 5 Mbps download (6-8 Mbps is more optimal!) and 2 Mbps upload for a stable and consistent stream of video and audio when attending an event.

How do I join?

Simply go to The Michael Bevan Club page press the JOIN NOW button. You will be taken to Join The Club page where you press Select and follow the prompts to purchase either with a Credit Card or PayPal.

Is the One on One Mentoring actually with Michael Bevan or someone else?

All One on One Mentoring sessions are conducted online, with Michael himself.
The choice of media used for the meeting will be discussed prior to the event, however, Michael usually conducts his mentoring sessions via Zoom or FaceTime. During this time, you will have one hour to privately discuss everything you would like to improve on, overcome or learn, whilst Michael will provide personalised advice, solutions and goals.

Are there bulk discounts for groups wishing to join one of the clubs or the One on One Mentoring?

All coaches and affiliates (those who are not coaches but wish to sell the MBBM products) who introduce 5 or more players can choose to offer 20% discounts to their players or retain the 20% discount for themselves. Any affiliates wishing to sell the MBBM services, please contact at where we can organise for you to enrol players and enjoy the discounts.

What about Cancellations and Refunds?

The Finisher Club is a package brought with no refund so please do carefully consider before purchasing.
The Michael Bevan Club membership is a yearly package brought as a continued subscription. There is no cancellation policy due to (1) receiving all previous livestream sessions content upon subscription and (2) ongoing weekly livestream services delivered for a full year when membership is purchased.
Your yearly subscription will automatically renewed unless you cancel it directly with PayPal or contact us to cancel with your credit card.
One on One Mentoring cancellations require 48 hours notice in writing to
No refund will be provided but the session will be rescheduled. If Michael is not notified of any request to rearrange within 48 hours notice, it is at the discretion of Michael to rearrange at no penalty, charge partial or in full.
Please do contact us as soon as you believe you may need to rearrange as we can offer your place to another player and help you find another convenient time suitable to you both.
Same rules apply to One on One Mentoring packages as above. If it is agreed between yourself and Michael you no longer require the service or it is not suitable, please discuss with Michael who will reasonably agree with you a refund for a percentage of the paid package.
In terms of any cricket equipment refunds or exchanges, The Batting Mentor is not responsible for any exchanges or refunds with Kingsbury. Please contact them directly to discuss your concerns.

How to I reschedule my One on One Mentoring session?

Email Michael to reschedule any One on One mentoring session to a mutually convenient time.

I need to return my Merchandise items as they are not the right size, how do I do this?

Please contact Kingsbury Cricket directly to arrange this as they operate fully independently to The Batting Mentor.

I can't open up Livestream on Crowdcast, what do I do?

Please click the following link for a detailed set up guide prior to your first live stream

If you are still having problems please check your browser and download speed or click the following link to help resolve any log in issues

If you miss a live stream all previous livestreams will be posted on the members page for you to view
If you are still having problems, contact us at

I missed sending a question to MB for the Livestream - what do I do now?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the Livestream. Other Club members may also have the same questions as you. Remember, to get in early and send your questions for the next live stream session as soon as possible.

I have a personal question to ask Michael, how do I do that?

Michael will not be able to personally answer questions players or fans have, however, you can email questions to and Michael may include in the next Livestream or the monthly analysis of international players. To watch, interact and listen to the answer to these questions and more, you will need to join The Michael Bevan club.
You can also book a One on One Mentoring session where all your questions will be personally answered by Michael in a private online session.

I missed a Livestream by accident, how do I watch it?

If you miss a live stream all previous livestreams will be posted on the members page for you to view.

How soon can I start using the benefits of the Michael Bevan Club or Finisher Club?

When you join the MB Club you will have access to Members club page which contains all links and codes to receive all Livestreams, One on One Mentoring and equipment discounts.

After joining The Finisher club, follow the link provided to upload the Order Form to purchase your discounted cricket equipment.

I am not an accredited coach but wish to join The Coaches Club.  How do I do this?

Simply fill in your details at the bottom of the Coaches Club page and Michael will contact you to discuss how it works in more detail.

I'm in the Coaches Club but my access has stopped, why is this?

Coaches and affiliates are granted one time access for a period of 7 days to register and enrol their players in the Michael Bevan Club. If more than 5 players are not enrolled during this time your access will be cancelled.

I would like to purchase more than one item in the Michael Bevan Finisher or Kingsbury range - do I get any discount for volume?

Individual members of The Michael Bevan Club and The Finisher Club have access to 1 item per product; this means they can only purchase 1 bat, 1 gloves, 1 pads, 1 hoodie and 1 t-shirt. If you wish to purchase more than 1 item per product, you will need to purchase another Finisher Club package.

When will my order arrive?

Your order will be dependent on current shipping times and the equipment that is in stock. Kingsbury will directly advise you about this at time of ordering. Please note, The Batting Mentor is not responsible for Kingsbury Equipment, their services or fulfilment, however, if you have a genuine complaint, please contact us so we can try and help.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

When you log in click “I have forgotten my password” and a new one will be sent. If you are still having problems please contact

I have a video of my batting I would really like Michael to give his opinion, how can I submit it?

From time to time Michael will provide free tips on batting via video clips that you can send him. To help as many people as possible Michael also posts on his Instagram feed (Instagram name: @bevo_michaelbevan). If you would like to reach him via this method, simply follow him on Instagram, tag him in your video and he will potentially post on his own feed, tagging you back!

Alternatively, if you wish private feedback, purchase a One on One Mentoring session with Michael and you can send your video to him where he discuss in much more detail, giving you advice, tips and ideas to improve your performance.

How do I log in or out of my account?

Once you have joined The Michael Bevan Club or been given access to The Coaches Club, you can log in and out by going to the bell icon at the top right hand side of the website (next to the social media icons). Simply click on the down arrow and log in or out as desired.

I purchased The Finisher Club and it said 'Free Shipping' but now I am getting charged shipping for purchasing cricket equipment?

Yes, when purchasing the The Finisher Club package, no physical shipping is required as it is a membership. Kingsbury will inform you of the shipping costs for the products as this is an essential expense.

There is a URL address on My Account.  What is this for?

This is part of the Wix system that cannot be removed but not active. Your information cannot be shared and no one else will see your account in any forum as we have deactivated the facility.

How do I delete an item in my Cart?

Simply click on the cross in the top right hand corner of the item in Cart and it will instantly be removed.